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shopper brain conference
Amsterdam, october 30-november 1, 2019
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Lluis Martinez Ribes

“Theory and practice are like two sides of the same coin”. This way is how I experiment and live it in my daily life through my academic career and my experience as a marketing and retail consultant. My approach to management is inspired by and centred in customers. This is why I always try to facilitate the transformation of businesses so that they give a better quality of life to customers, and also be competitive and profitable. For such purpose I’m passionate about the knowledge that neuroscience currently provides us with. Applied to both and retail, we help transforming the business current situation with the neuromarketing strategy. BBA and MBA at ESADE Business school, I completed my studies at the University of Stirling (UK) with a MBA in retailing, and at Harvard Business School (USA) where I studied active learning methods. I began my career as a consultant for SUPSA, a small business with an innovative DNA. After several years of working as a consultant in 1986, I accepted the invitation to join ESADE faculty, where I’m currently an Associate Professor in the courses: “Marketing Innovation” and “Retail innovation”. Although my dedication has always been part-time in order to combine theory and practice, throughout this years I’ve launched and led the Commercialisation and Retailing Area, I’ve been Director of the Marketing Management department (2002-¬2004) and Co-Director of the EMMS (Executive Master in Marketing & Sales), an international programme in collaboration with SDA Bocconi (2007-2014).

I’ve been a visiting professor at SDA Bocconi (Italy), and have lectured in the Univirsity of Edinburgh (UK), University of St. Gallen (Switz), HEC (France), Emory Goizueta Business School (USA), Univ. of Vienna (Austria), ANE (Russia), SMU (Singapore, with Prof. Rajendra Srivastava), UCA (Nicaragua and Guatemala), KIMEP Business School (Kazakhstan).

Students’ satisfaction, often top managers, has always been higher than 6 out of 7. I’m also a member of the Scientific Committee of the Channel and Retail Academy sponsored by IBM, and in January 2013 the European Union appointed me as Retail innovation Expert.

Beyond the academic publications, I’ve written a monthly opinion article since 2007 about and retail strategy under the brand “Oxygen Bubbles in Retailing” in Código 84 magazine (AECOC).

Lluis speaks on How to Shape Brain Pleasing Retail Concepts at First Sight
- How to develop a neuromarketing strategy for retail
- Facing the challenge of the current short-attention-span society
- The impact of context on customers and how to manage it